Fuji Drylab Photo Paper provides the perfect choice for the reproduction of photographs

  • Photo Paper Roll

    FujiFilm Drylab Photo Paper

    • More Vivid Color Reproduction:
      Retains beautiful colors such as subtle shades of green, vivid blues and reds
    • More Brilliant White Plus Improved Highlight Details:
      Further improved whiteness, with clearer, more distinct highlight details.
    • Excellent Image Stability:
      Exhibits high image stability during long term dark storage and excellent light storage condition, as well as storability with respect to nitrogen oxide, ozone and other gases.
    • Improved Handling Characteristic:
      Improved tolerances for processing unevenness and pressure induced density variations
    • High Productivity:
      Realizes high productivity when used in conjunction with Frontier 5**/7** series
    • Surfaces:
    • Glossy
    • Features:
    • Excellent image stability
      Vivid color reproduction
      Suitable for high-speed printers used in wholesale finishing
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