Felix Schoeller H25110 Ultra Metallic Glossy 245

    Extraordinary metallic effect
    Pin-sharp details
    Vivid colours
    High colour consistency and gamut
    High opacity
    High light fastness
    Water resistance
    Outstanding lay-flat performance
    Wall Decoration
    Large-format photo prints


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Product Series: ULTRA

Product Category: Microporous Resin-Coated Paper

Surface: Metallic Glossy

Weight: 245 g/m²

Whiteness: Metallic

Application Segment: Wall Decoration / Poster

Printability: Simplex printable

Printing Technology: Inkjet water-based

Compatibility: Can be used on all commercial thermal, piezo water-based printing systems like Epson, Canon, Hewlett-Packard, Kodak, Encad etc

Thickness in µm: 235

Thickness in mil: 9.3

CIE whiteness (D65/10°): > 118

CIELab Colour Elrepho UVO (D65): L: 91,7 ± 0,7; a: 0,3 ± 0,3; b: -4,5 ± 0,7; delta b: 4,1 ± 0,7

Opacity: > 95

Standard Formats Rolls

Ø Core: 2″ Core

Roll Length: 25m

Width: 61cm (24″)