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MIRaGE simplifies and automates the design process for materials that would be necessary for those technologies. Mirage is a group theory-based multiscale simulation toolkit that enables the inverse design of metamaterials exhibiting exotic electromagnetic behaviors beyond the limits of conventional optics.

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Real performance, no hidden costs

The intuitive Mirage user-interface enables you to work fast and efficiently. As native plug-in Mirage offers everything, as it should be: smooth and perfectly scaled gradients, fonts and embedded vector graphics. Mirage comes as plug-in for: Adobeā„¢ Photoshopā„¢, Adobeā„¢ Photoshopā„¢ Elements, Adobeā„¢ InDesignā„¢, Adobeā„¢ Illustratorā„¢ and Adobe ā„¢ Lightroom or as a stand-alone droplet based application.

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There are no hidden costs for different printer sizes; Mirage allows printing to multiple printers at the same time. Last but not least; We offer a very fair price policy when it comes to upgrades and cross-grades. Mirageā€˜s modular extensions are a cost-effective approach to expanding its functionality.

Perfect print quality ā€“ fast and efficient

Work faster and more efficiently with the most advanced professional print-plug-in for Adobeā„¢ Photoshopā„¢, Illustratorā„¢, InDesignā„¢ or Photoshopā„¢ Elements. In addition, the Mirage Stand-Alone application allows printing of native PDF, JPEG and TIFF files without any host application being required. Simply drag PDF, JPEG or TIFF files or folders with mixed content of supported file formats to the Mirage application ā€˜Dropletā€™ icon and the intuitive Mirage user interface opens instantly. All media and printer specific settings can be stored, enabling a simple way to handle multiple workflows and printing environments. Mirage makes printing easy and secure by displaying the clear alignment of all necessary printing settings in one window. Press the ā€œPrintā€ button and thanks to the MZTPā„¢ Technology*, your print will start within seconds. The Mirage Stand-Alone application is part of
all Mirage versions.

*Mirage Zero-Time-to-Printā„¢ Technology (Patent Pending)>

What you see is what you get

Mirage is both, significantly optimising and simplifying your printing workflow at the same time. Eliminating wasted media caused by ā€œtrial and errorā€ techniques from the past. The Mirage preview window shows exact print results including color correct softproof.*

* This can only be achieved, if the monitor is correctly calibrated and corresponds with the current ICC printer profiles in use.

Manage your Print Jobs

The Mirage Jobs-Archive enables you to manage already processed jobs perfectly. By simply pressing the Print button, all Jobs stored within the archive can be printed again at any time.

The Mirage Jobs Archive is ideal not only for an uncomplicated reprint, for example of editions of your works, it also allows you, as a Print Service Provider, to make test prints for customers and recreate those prints after his final approval in any quantity requested.

Color Management – Easy as never before!

The Mirage PRO- Extensions will give you full control over the color management of your files. Create your individual ICC profile with the help of the Pro-Extension and the optional built in Spectralphotometer.

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