Hot & Cold Lamination

  • 5mm- Both, RL-45 and RL-650 can laminate documents with up to 5mm in thickness.
  • Energy- Uses internal Infrared heater which makes it more energy efficient
  • Fade- Makes your colors look more brighter and protects from fading and scratches
  • Easy Operation- The machine is equipped with semi-digital user control panel for easy operation
  • Speed-Both RL-45 and RL-650 operate at an amazing lamination speed of 200-1600MM/min
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Model No: RL-650 / RL-45

Laminating Width: 635mm

Thickness Mount: 5mm

Laminating Speed: 200-2160mm/min

Operating Temperature: 0-150 Celsius Max

Warm-up Time: 5 minutes

Number Of Rollers: 4 rollers

Heating System: Hot Roller Internal Infrared Heater

Power Supply: AC 110, 220V/50Hz, 60Hz

Power Consumption: 1300W

Dimensions: 1120 * 700 * 580mm

Gross Weight: 74.5kg