Studio Lighting System

  • DM2-400 Digital Flash unit 3
  • M-60×90 Soft Box 1
  • Sync Cable 1
  • 55° Standard Reflector 1
  • 35° Umbrella Reflector 2
  • JB-A Accessories 1
  • S-38-40″ Black/Silver umbrella 2
  • TR -A8 Digital Trigger(433Mhz) 1
  • JB-230 Light Stand 3
  • Standard Kit Bag 1
Product Enquiry

Product Description

  • Driving circuit design, LED display, compact size and fordable handle, its easy to store and carry. Flash delay and red eye reduction function meets the comprehensive needs of photographers.
  • New TR-A8 flash trigger adopts advanced MCU control technology. It is with high anti-jamming capacity and low power consumption. The response time is faster.
  • DM portable soft box adopts the standard professional reflective cloth material, which can diffuse evenly. High density tender light cloth guarantees light soft and color temperature standard.
  • The reflector has a irradiation angle of 55 degree. The highlight part is a dot, strong shining. The shadow part is extremely prominent and deep. The light effect focuses on the center slightly and with a soft figure and a strong sense of hierarchy.

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