Which Printing Technology is Used by Canon Printers
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Written By Tenaui Middle East


Canon Inkjet Large Format Printers | Canon Printer

A printer is a specific machine used to imitate graphics or texts, mostly on paper. These printers can be used at the domestic level at homes or in large-scale industries such as offices, printing press, and textiles.

Canon Inkjet Large format Printers is one of the most well-known names in print media due to its advanced printhead technology with fine quality ink and paper and reliable customer service. Canon has become one of the most trusted printing manufacturers of current times.

Let us discuss the components and improved technology used by Canon to ensure high-quality prints!

Components Of Canon Printers

The following are the basic parts of a conon printer:

  • Ink cartridge And Printhead

The printer consists of two main components. One is the ink cartridge in which ink is filled, and the other is a printhead. A printhead is a moving object from which the ink coming from the cartridge is spread over the paper. It ensures that the ink from the cartridge is applied evenly to the paper.

The printhead is mainly responsible for the quality of the prints and the reliability of the printer. Hence, both are responsible for printing images.

  • Printer Controller

The printer controller provides the required information from the computer to the motors present in the printer. The printer then receives the data and prints it on the paper accordingly.

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  • Roller For A Paper Transfer

The name suggests the roller for paper transfer pushes the paper to move longitudinally through the printer.


Working Of Canon Printer

The image data is given to the printer’s control for a print job, which converts it into pulses. The printhead is then connected to the side of the pole and moves horizontally on the paper according to the given information.

During this process, the paper also moves longitudinally through the printer. The printhead then presses the ink from the cartridge to the paper. The printer works so efficiently and appreciably. It can provide you with the required number of prints without making a single mistake.

The Technology Used By Canon Printers

After years of improvements and developments, Canon established the technology that offers printing devices with an advanced workflow. These technologies are as follows:

  • Bubble jet mechanism

In 1970, Canon introduced its bubble jet mechanism. In this technology, the ink or solvent is heated through a heating element, which shows a small explosion that creates a small vapor bubble. The ink is then pushed from the nozzle to the paper.

  • FINE Technology

Thanks to the FINE ( Full-Photolithography Inkjet Nozzle Engineering) technology, Canon has dramatically improved image quality, expression, and stability. The technology provides high resolution with high printing speed.

In this process, the diameter of the nozzle is reduced to 0.009 millimeters which applies tiny droplets of ink to the paper. FINE also ensures that all of the ink under the heater is pushed to the paper, resulting in high-resolution printing without bleeding and smudging.

This technology also works with 12 colors and two 1 inch printheads, allowing the perfect colored print with high resolution and speed. It is also possible to print both ways by using two printheads with high-speed printing technology. By controlling the colors from overlapping, it is possible to get high-definition pictures without uneven images.

  • Semi-conductor lithography Equipment

High fabrication technologies are require for small droplet size, precision, and high speed to fit more nozzles in a smaller area. For this purpose, Canon Printer uses most of its components in semi-conductor forms. Around 6000 nozzles can be fit on one chip by using this technology and ensure high-quality prints.

  • L-COA

By strengthening its technology, Canon developed an L-COA processor (Large Format Printer Common Architecture). This technology used on multiple chips previously but is now produce on a single chip for large format image data to print with high resolution and fast speed.

  • Poster Artist Software

Given the name, the following technology works best for creating professional-looking posters. The users have to enter a small amount of data, such as texts or images, with how the final product should look. The processor then automatically creates professional posters with creative colors and pleasant visuals.

  • ChromaLife 100+

 By improving photo paper and dye ink architecture, Canon introduced photos with an approximately 300-year period of album storage. The modification of dye inks plays a vital role in preserving the colors. The tiny droplet technology is also essential, along with advanced print paper, for achieving high quality and bright colored photos for an extended period.

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Inkjet Technologies

Canon developed two different categories of inks for inkjet printers. They are use according to the model, requirements, and applications.

  • Dye Inks: Dye inks consist of the molecules of dye color that are dissolve in the ink liquid. Dye ink is less durable and will fade away within a year. They are primarily use in photo printing.
  • Pigment Inks: Pigment ink contains dye color or black pigment molecules, which are not dissolve in the ink liquid. Pigment inks are use in text printing.

To provide more variety of printing for the users, Canon has developed a wide range of inks for different applications. Here are some more versions of inkjet technologies use by Canon.

  • Maxify Inks
  • Lucia
  • Lucia X

Each ink has its specifications. For example, Lucia pigment is use for professional photos. It also uses three more colors with six primary colors, i.e., green, red, and blue (RGB). These colors overall improve the image performance, add glossiness and reduce graininess from the image. Along with inks, other accessories such as the paper used for printing should be compatible with the ink


Cleaning the Canon Printhead For better Functioning

The technology used by Canon printers uses both dye and pigment inks. When in use, the ink is push from the nozzle of a printhead. After completing the job, the ink residue remains in the nozzle, which cannot be remove if dried up.

Canon printers use a unique formula for their inks that slows down the drying process, especially in the printhead, while the ink dries quickly when heated or on the paper. For this purpose, the printer performs internal cleaning in which ink blown to the nozzle to rinse it from the printhead. The excess ink is then injecte into the sponge to ensure the cleaning.



Canon printers have a variety of uses at homes, offices, and many other places. With its advanced technology, printing has become way more effective and easy. With the warranty given by Canon to ensure quality customer service, the users are also advise to use Canon’s original printing supplies and use cartridges whose quality meets the printer’s requirements.

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