Which Photo Printer Is Most Popular For Printing Pictures
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Written By Tenaui Middle East


Printed photos are the best way to preserve moments that mean something to you, moments that become memories later. When you see them in a photo, you are back on memory lane and cherish them. Photos provide us with the best opportunity to connect with joyful and meaningful moments.

Photo Printing has evolved from developing photos from Kodak film to printing them on your desk. Whether you love to take pictures or are a professional, you can print high-quality, detailed, and color-accurate photos at your home.

Photos also go digital. People keep them in their phones, storage drive, or cloud, but the demand for printed photos is still there. People love to print their favorite ones and display them at the best spots at the home, workplace, or business place.

Photo Printers are the best option to print your photos. A wide range of photo printers are available in the market. From portable photo printers to mini photo printers, dye sublimation photo printers to wifi photo printers; you can select a printer that fulfills your need

Popular Photo Printer vs. Best Photo Printer

People often get confused while choosing a good photo printer for a home that is efficient and prints out the best photos; before selecting a photo printer, you need to consider your requirement and affordability, whether you only need a popular printer that print photos or your need a best multifunction photo printer that can do printing, scanning, and copying. Here are a few key factors that can describe your preference and requirements.

photo printer
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  • Print Size

    Photo printers offer different print sizes. Usually, small photo printers are limited to prints 4×6 size prints. But if you want large full-size photo prints, inkjet printers offer that feature and functionality. Inkjet printers are larger and are not portable. However, if you want smaller prints, you can choose mini or portable.


    Portability is a major preference for frequent travelers who love to take and print photos on the go. Similarly, others need a printer that doesn’t take much space at their desk. When they need to print a photo, it’s not much of a task.

    Affordability or Price

    Most people look for the best budget photo printer but often neglect print quality, size, and per-print cost. Inkjets photo printers are the best fit for your budget; they can print good-quality photos of different sizes, but if you need professional-level photo printing and excellent photo quality with color accuracy, it can cost you hundreds of dollars. Similarly, for portable printers, you have to compromise on the size of the photo, and it costs similar to the inkjet ones.

    All these factors must be considered while choosing a popular printer, but what if your job requires the best photo printer? Tenaui is always determined to provide you the best printing solution only. Other factors to consider while choosing the best printer for a photo studio are.

    Print Speed:  Print speed matters when choosing the best photo print; if you are a photographer and need to print many photos, print speed can save you time and is more cost-effective as it can print more prints quickly.

    Photo Quality: Photo quality matters the most to professionals, especially if you are a photographer; it must be your top priority when getting the best photo printer for photographers.

    Printing Cost: Printing cost or cost per print is also critical when you take things professionally; there is a lot of variety in inks and colors, but most printer manufacturers push their products to be compatible with the color or ink they suggest, and this impact the printing cost. When considering the best inkjet printer for photos, don’t forget to include all these factors.

Best Photo Printers Available

Epson SureColor P900 17- inch Photo Printer

This printer is best for professional photographers because it can print vibrant and color-accurate photos. They can also print larger photos up to 17 inches. It fulfills the ICC profile by its ultra-chrome PR010 pigment inks generating brilliant colors. It also allows you to configure print jobs via a control panel.

Epson SureColor P900  printer is expensive and costs more than other printers in this range; if you need wide-format prints, panoramas, and banners, this is the device for you. Its pros and cons include:


  • Superb print quality
  • It can print up to 17 inches wide panoramas and borderless banners
  • It can print 17×22 inches cut sheets
  • To increase the color gamut, it uses ultra-chrome PR010 pigment inks
  • It auto-switch from photo black to matte black ink
  • It has competitive per-millimeter ink costs


  • Additional paper roll cost

Canon Pixma Pro-200

It is not a canon flagship printer yet it’s still impressive with its 13-inch wide (super tabloid) media. The prints it takes out are gorgeous. It uses chromelife100+CLI-65 ink that produces deep blacks and superb blue and red color reproduction with enhanced color gamut, especially for significant grayscale images.

Pixma Pro 200 places itself in the middle of the high-end desktop inkjets and super deluxe large format photo printers. With its user-friendly control panel, better paper handling, auto clog nozzle detection, and a price that is much lower than the flagship models, it’s a class of its own.


  • It offers excellent print quality and is one best canon photo printer
  • It can print 13×39-inch banners and panoramas
  • Its grayscale output is excellent
  • Its auto clog nozzle detection lets you know when the nozzle is not working properly
  • It has a small form factor
  • Enhanced software experience with good control panel display
  • Cost less than most in its category


  • It doesn’t support any media roll

Epson Expression Premium XP-7100

If you are looking for a small form factor all-in-one inkjet printer from Epson that fits perfectly on your desk at home or office and can print excellent photos, in that case, this printer suits best for you, with its five-ink prints along with photo black ink, it gives better results than your local printing store. Besides printing, it also offers scanning and copying; with an auto-duplexing automatic document feeder, you don’t need to shuffle pages for double-sided documents.

With the ease of connectivity across different platforms. Whether you are printing from a USB, Wifi, or Ethernet connection of a PC. Giving a print command from your smartphone, or directly printing from your USB flash drives or SD cards. It provides great photo prints with low printing cost relatives to other models in the category.


      • It prints excellent-quality photos
      • It offers single-pass duplexing with an automatic document feeder
      • It has a large, user-friendly control panel
      • It is the best wireless photo printer and provides connectivity across different platforms


      • The paper capacity is low compared to other models
      • The running cost is high from its other competitors in this category

Final Thoughts

Choosing a popular photo printer is often a hassle. You can get confused due to the number of options and competitive photo printers available in the market. But there are certain parameters you can set for yourself while making a purchase decision. These will help you make an informed decision. Whether it’s print size, portability, or price, your consideration impacts your buying decision, for more best photo printers, read the details in this article.

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