Top Things to Consider When Buying a New Printer
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Written By Tenaui Middle East


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Are you looking for the best printer? It becomes difficult to decide as there are so many brands and models available in the market. You get confused while deciding the best printer that fits your needs. First of all, it all depends on the nature of the task as you will find a variety of options for home or business-related printers.

A printer is an important peripheral device that helps you get information on paper from the computer. Technology has evolved with time. Now, we have Canon  inkjet Printer and laser printing technology, which obsoleted Dot Matrix technology from the market.

Canon Inkjet Printer is a popular printer for home and office use. On the other hand, the Canon Imagerunner series works excellent if you have intensive printing at your office. However, the decision depends on various factors when buying a new printer.

Things to Consider When Buying a Printer

We will share top things that you can consider when buying a new printer, which will help you in selection. Here it goes!



You would find a variety of options in the market when it comes to the prices. Numbers of brands are available, and they offer the best features equipped with the latest technology. But, we have to consider the cost of the product and the benefits that a product offers.

There are some innovative techniques that you can practice for getting the best outcome at minimum cost. For example, many manufacturers use expensive and high-quality ink in a regular and not-so-good kind of printer. Therefore, we should think more than the printer’s initial cost; also, we must know the recurring cost to replace ink cartridges.

Some of the printers are compatible with third-party ink cartridges, which saves you money. But you must check as it might void the warranty if you the third-party ink in your printer.


Quality of Prints

Print quality is everything as it is the primary purpose of having a printer, and it is what a printer does to give you information about your computer. If the quality is poor, then printouts would look unattractive and unprofessional. Canon Inkjet Printers maintain a good quality of the print, and the price is also budget-friendly.

Laser printers are good at high-quality prints, but they are an expensive option. If you have an office where printing is the core task, you can go for the Canon Imagerunner series for All-In-One printing options. Inkjets printers are suitable for home/small office users.

DPI (dots per inch) is the spec that you should look for in a printer as it defines how accurately a printer can produce the output of a source image. It ranges from 600 x 600 DPI to 4800 x 4800 DPI.

Printing Speed

It is pretty frustrating when the printer takes enough time to print, which you cannot afford when printing several documents. Before buying a new printer, it is an essential factor as you may find it challenging to manage during multi-tasking. PPM (pages per minute) shows your printer speed, and it varies when you print text or images.

You check on the technical specs or salesperson when you decide to buy. It ranges from 5PPM to 25PPM.



We still remember that old printers used to have a 25-pin parallel port. It was the only option to connect a printer with your computer or laptop. Now the technology has changed, and USB 3.0 does all when you need to connect a Canon Inkjet printer.

Even you get the wireless option which enables you to get the print from the smartphone directly. Wi-Fi is more common than Bluetooth connectivity because Wi-Fi gives you more freedom to get the print from far away.



Warranty is what saves your investment as you cannot afford a fault to your expensive device. The manufacturer’s warranty has to be there to provide you with a resolution right away. Most of the companies offer online technical support nowadays that assists you in solving minor issues straightaway.

You would find a one-year standard warranty usually. Yet, you always have an option to buy an extended warranty by paying an additional amount other than the original cost of the printer. It is highly recommended to check with your warranty provider first in case of fault instead of doing it on your own as it may lead to a void of warranty.


Available Space

Not all the offices are spacious enough to have a big machine. If you barely have a space for your office desk in your room, a device like Canon Inkjet Printer would be an ideal choice. Multifunction machines require enough space as cooling is also essential for such machines to run correctly.

You can also move small printers quickly from one place to another. But, on the other hand, heavy machines need more than one person to shift their location. Yet, it might not be as important as other factors are, but you can find it difficult to spacing issues.

Canon Inkjet Printers and Canon Imagerunner series

Multifunction Features

One of the features of the new printers is that they develop a multifunction feature. You can perform functions like scanning, copying, sending fax, and printing from one device. Canon Imagerunner series has All-In-One features that you can utilize for high-quality output.

You must check what your requirements before buying a new printer are. If you already own a scanner, it might not be a good option to go for this All-In-One printer. You would find a massive difference in the prices between single-function and multifunction printers.


These things would help you come up with the right decision when buying a new printer. It would be best to look from every angle because you buy a printer for a more extended period. Your decision must be backed after careful consideration so that you can have the best printer for your home/office use.

Canon Inkjet Printers and Canon Imagerunner series have a good reputation in the market that you can check for the best available options as per your requirement.

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