Step By Step Guide: How Do I Update My Epson Printer Firmware
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Written By Tenaui Middle East


A printer functions properly when its hardware and firmware sync properly. The firmware supports the Printer’s hardware to perform its functions. Specially if you have an Epson Printer and want to update the Epson Printer Firmware, then this blog is just right for you. The firmware is also responsible for the Printers’ cartridge compatibility with the Printer and ensures that it prints smoothly.

All the printer manufacturers release periodic firmware updates to ensure the printers’ functionality. A Printer manufacturing company generates revenue by selling two major components.

The first is the Printer itself, and the second is its ink cartridges. However, almost all printer manufacturers include ink cartridges in the printers when you first purchase them. But after printing a substantial amount of pages, the ink cartridges dry out. You need to purchase and install new ones.

The firmware update is another way to stop your Printer from printing until a new update is installed, allowing it to resume its functions. It usually happens after a specific time prescribed by the manufacturer or when you replace your cartridges.

Firmware update is a way that ensures the user uses the ink cartridges that the company recommends. Otherwise, your Printer will stall and stops printing. It’s done to generate revenue and make certain that the user buys printer company cartridges.

Understanding Firmware Update

Firmware updates are released in a periodic order by printer manufacturers. They can be downloaded by choosing the updated firmware on your Printer’s screen or from the printer software UI on your computer. You can also download it automatically by selecting the downloaded firmware automatically option.

As mentioned earlier, a firmware update can stall your printer functionality if company-recommended ink cartridges are not installed. Most printer firmware allows low-priced ink cartridges, which doesn’t affect functionality. Still, it’s unpredictable, and a firmware update can block your low-price ink cartridges from printing.

epson printer firmware update
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How Firmware update works

To print, the printer hardware and firmware must establish a line of communication between them. Once the connection is established, the printer starts printing. Still, if the firmware is updated, it communicates with the printer ink cartridges, and if the cartridges are manufacturers recommended your prints start coming out.

But if the firmware is failed to recognize the ink cartridges, the Printer stops printing, displaying a message on your screen that says “Cartridge Problem.” The manufacturers have been releasing firmware updates for decades, selling their compatible ink cartridges, and enjoying revenue.

In 2016 a Hp firmware update blocked thousands of printers from working, though they were using the recommended cartridges. Consequently, Hp has to face a severe public backlash along with the lawsuit that Hp settles for 1.2 million dollars. Similarly, the same happened in 2019 following a firmware update for another series of printers that completely shut the printers using low-price ink cartridges.

Companies do these tactics and practices periodically, and they don’t go to stop, so what happens to those printers or users that rely on low-price ink cartridges? What is the solution and way for them to protect their printers from getting blocked? The answer is to stop the firmware updates.

How to prevent your Printer from getting Blocked

There are two ways to prevent your Printer from getting a block, one is to keep your firmware up to date and use company-recommended or compatible ink cartridges, and the other is to turn off the firmware updates if you rely on low-price ink cartridges.

Install Recommended/Compatible Ink Cartridges

Installing recommended/compatible ink cartridges is the best way to make your Printer work perfectly; you don’t have to worry about firmware updates and getting your Printer blocked. You can install the latest firmware updates and keep doing your work interrupt.

Turn off Automatic firmware updates

If you are a person that doesn’t afford to buy pricy ink cartridges every time they run out of ink, and you rely on low-price ink cartridges, then the best way to keep your Printer running without any hassle is by turning off the firmware updates. You can do that by entering the printer setting and selecting the option to stop downloading automatic firmware updates.

How to update Epson printer firmware

If you have an Epson printer and want to update or install Epson printer firmware update on your Printer, here is the step-by-step guide that helps you install Epson firmware. Epson releases these firmware updates regularly, and keeping your Epson firmware update installed timely helps improve performance.

Important Checklist

Before you start updating your Epson firmware, you need to check and ensure the following things are properly aligned and installed on your system.

  • Your Epson printer driver is installed properly on your computer
  • Your Printer is in ready-to-use condition and is connected properly via USB or Ethernet cable
  • Epson Software updater is installed on your computer; it helps update your Epson 1382 firmware and other models.

If you don’t have the updater, you can download it from Epson’s official website; you can download it free from there. Once you have downloaded it, install it on your computer to continue with the Epson update firmware.

Follow these instructions while updating

  • Don’t do any printing while the firmware update is in progress
  • Ensure your Printer is ON, don’t turn it off; your printer LCD screen may get blue or turn off completely, but it’s normal.
  • After the download completes, your Epson printer also automatically restarts and turns the screen.

Steps to update your Epson Printer Firmware

The following steps are used to update your printer firmware, but before that, install the firmware updater; the updater is compatible with Windows 7,8, 10, and 11.

Step 1

To open the Epson firmware updater, click on the start button, search Epson updater by typing it in the search bar, and from the results, select Epson software updater.

Step 2

After running the updater, select the printer model by clicking on the select your product drop-down menu.

Step 3

Once you click it, the software starts to check for updates and waits for a while to finish it.

Step 4

After a while, the firmware updater shows the result, select the update in the essential product updates and click install by clicking on the install button at the bottom right of the updater window

Step 5

A new dialog box will open; select Agree to button and press ok

Step 6

The updater will start downloading the update; wait for a while till it finishes

Step 7

Once it finishes downloading the update, a new window will appear, read the instructions and press the start button.

Step 8

The updater will start installing the firmware update; it may take several minutes, don’t turn off your Printer or do any task while it’s updating.

Step 9

After the installation, click on the finish button and then click OK.

Step 10

To ensure that the latest firmware is installed, check the updates again and if no update appears in the essential product updates section, click on the exit button and close the updater.

Final Thoughts

The process to install the Epson firmware updates is easy if all the steps are followed properly; somehow, if your Epson firmware update is stuck due to an unknown reason, you may have to restart or go for Epson printer firmware reset options. You can also search for the recovery tool Epson firmware from your printer settings to recover your Printer if it’s not working properly.

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