The Digital Printing Process Step by Step
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Written By Tenaui Middle East


Canon ImageRUNNER | Canon Printer

The term digital printing means a process in which you print something on various mediums such as fabrics, papers, and plastic, etc., directly from a digital image, such as with the help of a canon imagerunner. Professionals do this process by using different printers, including inkjet and laser printers.

From woodblock printing back to digital printing, we see that development has hit every industry, including the printing one with its evolving nature. The digital printing process has become an innovative technology that can be done easily by having a technique and medium for printing.

The digital printing process is usually considered the expensive method than the conventional ones, but it has many advantages which cop up with the cost once printing is done. The quickly enhancing techniques and machines by saving a lot of labor work making this process more convenient.

In this process, the canon imagerunner is a great device that helps create and print the design with the help of software and manuals rather than handwork. Canon imagerunner is available in different models, which you can use whether in inkjet or laser printing.

Digital printing can also be done on-demand and even in a short time. The first step in this process is creating a design, which you can do by yourself, or the companies will do it for you.

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Step by Step Process of Digital Printing:

The process of digital printing is carried out in various steps, which we will properly and thoroughly explain so that you can understand it easily.

Let’s take a look at the steps!

Step No 1:

The first step is to create a design in which you have a choice of creation. Then, either you can do it by yourself, or you can give this responsibility to the printing companies. Mostly the printing companies have their creative artists who can design samples according to your needs easily.

The company’s creating department will be conducting a meeting with you for a detailed discussion. After this, they will be making the design, and then it will be sent to you as a mockup. After completion, it will send to you again for a final look-up, and once you give the go-ahead, it will be moved to the next step.

Step No 2:

Once you approved the design, the printing company will save the design accurately with the clear and correct resolution in the canon imagerunner. This step is proved to be helpful for the canon printers to recognize the design. So the printing process can be carried out without any error.

Step No 3:

After the completion of design creation and saving in canon imagerunner, it’s now the time when proper digital printing will start. First of all, heads of the printers are cleaned with special fluid so they don’t become dry during the printing.

Mostly, this step is carried out after every 100 prints because the printer head should not be dry in any case. Moreover, it’s unnecessary to clean the head after every 100 prints. It mainly depends on the design and color in the printing sample.

Step No 4:

This step is considered very important as a series of checks are conducted. When the process is carried out, the printer produces some ink as waste and is collected in the side drum. That ink demands to be properly monitored and emptied after making sure that no ink is spilled out.

The printing machine comes up with a cleaner container, emptying whenever the cleaner level comes to the low level. The cleaner is the necessary part of the printer, and that’s why it demands additional care.

After this, the temperature of the ink is also checked during the process often. The printing should be done between the ranges of 20 to 25 degrees Celsius, and if the temperature goes out from this range, it will cause damage to the heads of the canon printers.

Step No 5:

After checking all the things that require to be monitored carefully, the design created before by the artists is now ready to go to the printing machines. Or you can say that stage is all set for your design to be printed on paper, fabric, or on whatever you want.

Step No 6:

Basically, in the process, some pallets are available in different sizes. The function of pallets is to hold the product on the printer. After analyzing the amount of the design which has to be printed, the appropriate size of the pallet is chosen and then attached to the machine. Then the product is laid on it, already.

Step No 7:

Now the product will be laid out on the printer in a flat way without any creases. If the sample is laid with creases on the board, it will damage all the design, and in the end, it will not be looking like you wanted to be it on the printed shirt or fabric or paper, etc.

Step No 8:

Finally, Digital Printing begins. The printer starts moving the printer’s head from side to side on the material lying down on the board. It carried out the process by spraying it on the design you created.

Step No 9:

After the Canon ImageRUNNER printing is completed, the product or material is removed from the pallet attached to the machine. This step is carried out with extreme care. After removing, the product is conveyed to the huge dryer operating at an average temperature. It ensures that the design is properly pressed into the medium or not.

Step No 10:

In the last, the quality is checked so that you can be satisfied with the product’s final look. After satisfying the product, it is now ready to get packed and then relied upon to be dispatched to the customer from the printing company.

The digital printing process is very famous all over the globe, and its innovative technologies and techniques are making it more convenient and easy to use for every kind of industry. Moreover, this method provides you enhanced capability. We explained these ten procedure steps, which proved ideal for businesses who want the finest quality prints.

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