Differences between CAD Technical and Photographic Printer
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Photographic Printer and CAD technical printers are two broad categories of wide-format printers. A photographic printer provides large and beautiful images. It is the process in which a final image is created on a paper using chemically sensitized paper. It is a widely used printing technique.
However, CAD printers give wide format technical documents more quickly and accurately than photographic printers. CAD stands for Computer-aided design. It allows engineers, architects, and designers to edit their plans on the computer according to their needs. The accuracy of CAD is incredible.
Wide-format technical printers are commonly used in construction companies, engineering industries, and design studios. These machines are manufactured in such a way that they meet all the unique objectives.
These CAD technical printers with large formatting devices are sometimes called plotters. Plotters work according to the digital instructions given to them. They physically draw lines with the help of a marker, pen, or pencil on the printing medium, which can be paper or something else.
The key difference is in the manufacturing of these devices. Also, the working techniques of these two devices are slightly different than each other. Some differences between photographic and CAD technical printers are discussed below:

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• Working of photographic printer:

Printers are used to convert digital images into physical copies. It can be done with some special software installed on computers. So to produce brilliant and high-resolution images for creative industries, graphic printers and plotters are the most suitable devices.
A photographic negative is exposed by paper, and a positive digital image falls on it with the help of a light jet or minilab printer. This negative and positive contact creates a print on the given paper. It is quite essential to give some rest to the paper to get permanent on the page. It is mostly done on plain paper.
Regular desktop printers can only use four-color cartridges, mainly cyan, magenta, yellow, and black. On the other hand, a photographic printer is designed to use at least six cartridges color, which can go a maximum of twelve cartridges color.
These extra color cartridges are very important in graphic printing. They allow the users of graphic printers to match Pantone color numbers perfectly. The main key to the success of photographic print shops is to provide high-resolution color images. Extra color cartridges are very beneficial because they allow you to create accurate and high-resolution images.

Photographic printing produces extremely accurate and beautiful images. However, the process is generally slow, but photographic plotters are not designed to give fast speed. They are best for color printing and can also be used to get color images or diagrams.

Best printer for Photographic work

Canon Design Series is the best printer for photos. It uses a unique shape of inkjet. It can typically print at 2400 DPI. This unique shape of inkjet prevents the photographic printer from tailing. Inkjet tails are the residues of Printer ink that look like a tail at the microscopic level.

Working of technical plotters or CAD

If you are looking for a quick and accurate printing method, CAD technical printers, also called technical plotters, should be the top choice. The process of CAD is extremely easy and can be done by an unprofessional. Currently, CAD is in more demand in the world of engineering and construction.
For the better results of technical plotters, it is important to use a high-quality and reliable printer. Usually, a large printer size is required, which can easily print up to 48 inches wide images. You can check for the best printer for CAD from the internet or digital markets.
CAD and technical plotters don’t use simple CMYK color functions. This is because most of the time, the instructions are given to it are in black and white. Thus, colors are only involved when there is a need to highlight different changes, sections, or to show depth.
These devices are usually designed to prioritize precision and speed over brilliance or color depth. The HP Design Jet T-Series can create 24 X 36 D-sized drawings in just 30 seconds. It is far better than photographic printers in terms of speed.
The first choice of all the architects, designers, constructors, and engineers is technical plotters. They allow them to convert their work into a hard copy document.
The requirements and needs of the companies using CAD technical printers are different than photographic users:

Canon imagePROGRAF PRO-6000
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• Low in Cost

Technical work is a supplement of CAD drawings. They don’t produce value by themselves like wide-format photographs. This encourages the owners of the print process to reduce the costs of the prints so that they can fully enjoy their efficiency.

• More Speed

It is the best option for professionals who need many copies of a single copy weekly or daily because it has high speed compared to other printing machines. As a result, you can easily deliver copies of diagrams or other blueprints to the clients at a given time.

• Media Optimization

CAD printers save a lot of money on photographic stock. This is because they don’t require a variety of photographic stock like photographic printers. Mostly #20 bond media – CAD printers and technical plotters use an industry-wide standard. In this way, the print hardware shows less compatibility with different card stocks.

• Mapping Capability

GIS mapping is one of the main areas for professional printing. They create low price maps with all the details and full-color overlays. They are used on all government levels, at municipal offices, and at federal agencies. They also require highlighting some top issues like population, environmental coverage, and distribution of water.

Best wide-format plotter for CAD technical work

Currently, Canon Page Wide XL has gained a lot of fame in CAD technical work. Now, it has become an industry-standard in the production of wide-format plotting. It is better than all the competing printers and offers good quality products at a low price. Therefore, it is considered the best printer for photos in the field of technical plotting.
If a firm wants to do printing on its own, then it is the best choice. It allows the users to become self-sufficient. You can handle all the printing work on it without worrying about going out to a photographic printer printing shop holding bundles of documents. In this manner, you can finish your work faster by saving a lot of money.

One of the best things about HP Page Wide XL is its ability to print color copies at the same price. This allows the print process owners to do fast and accurate CAD renderings that need color shading. In addition, this will make the document look more attractive on specific elements.
HP Page Wide XL is a versatile machine used to print banners, waterproof prints, and adhesive objects. It is a machine that reduces the cost of printing while increasing the quality of the prints.
It can print 75 pages per minute while keeping accuracy in mind. In that way, you will have the freedom to save a lot of your time.


We have given almost all the differences between a photographic printer and a CAD technical printer. Both of them will help you take prints more quickly without compromising the quality and accuracy of the product.
No doubt, it is a one-time investment that will goanna make your work-life easy in the future. I hope you understand the difference between both the machines and choose the best one for you.

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