Difference between Magic Mirror Vs. Photo Booth
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Written By Tenaui Middle East


Magic Mirror PhotoBooth | Robot Photographer

The Magic Mirror Photobooth elevates the thrill of the photo booth to a whole new level. When visitors approach the Mirror, dazzling animations and vocal instructions encourage them to participate in a magical, interactive “selfie” experience that offers a photo souvenir.

To make any event unique and memorable, you need to make special arrangements. What makes events unique and memorable is a big question here. Let’s break down this question and see what type and kind of arrangements you require!

Memories are either saved in our minds or kept in the form of photographs. Although our phones have excellent cameras and features, the need for the Magic Mirror Photo Booth and Photo Pod is always there. This fun piece of the requirement takes a good picture and makes them a memorable one. And, this is the fundamental element that can make all of our events more memorable!

Several photo booth options are available in the market. Still, it’s up to you to decide which is best suited for your event. The most common and widely used fun equipment is Photobooth and Magic Photo Mirror Flite. Both of them bring nostalgia to your circumstances, and due to their familiarity, everyone knows their purpose and usage.

Let’s dissect them one by one and know what the difference between these two is:

What Is The Difference Between Magic Mirror And A Photo Booth?

The first thing that comes to everyone’s mind is when hosting or attending an event is the theme: a birthday party, a wedding ceremony, or a corporate event. And, second is the décor of the party.

Every event and party has its vibe and décor. Therefore décor not only gives the aesthetic to a party but makes it more memorable. And above all, you can also take some fantastic pictures, which becomes a way to recall all the memories later in life!

A magic mirror and a photo booth are the two important elements of any event’s décor and many people look confused while selecting the one for their event. So, here is the difference between both of these. Dive into it and find which one will become the compulsory part of your next event’s décor!

  • Photo Booth:

Generally termed a Photo Booth is a giant box, with curtains at the entrance, built to contain all the guests and take their pictures in an intimate environment. Usually, it has a tiny sitting arrangement, where guests can sit, make poses and take pictures.

The walls of the Magic Mirror Photo Booth are equipped with green screen technology, which means that after taking a photo, you can change the background of the pictures. These photo booths are equipped with the latest cameras, which allow the guest to take high-resolution images in a closed environment. There is a limitation of the guest sitting capacity. But high-resolution images and instant printing options make them a popular choice.

The magic mirror photo booth is suitable for wedding events, households, and other private parties. As their walls are made up of canvas, they also provide the opportunity for branding multiple things. This thing makes them a good fit for exhibition and product launches as well.

  • Magic Mirror:

Magic mirror serves the same purpose as a Photo Booth, but the critical difference is the size. It requires less height than a standard photo booth. It makes your event more attractive and adds magic to it. One call recalls the famous saying” Mirror on the wall” although it’s not on the wall, its videos are the same as a magic mirror

It also uses high-resolution cameras and caters to more audiences than a photo booth. And, the magic mirror Photobooth printer also provides an additional benefit of viewing yourself in a mirror before taking a picture. You can make any pose or action and meanwhile see yourself in the mirror.

It is more suitable for small family and private events. It provides an aesthetic look to your party and serves as a high-resolution camera to take your pictures and make them memorable for you.

Pros and Cons of Photo Booths:

Photo Booths are old and bring back the old nostalgic feelings. These are pretty popular in children, adults, and older adults. Here are the Pros of these photo booths in a more concise manner.

  • Pros:

  1. They are best known for their privacy, as everyone is enclosed in a cabin.
  2. The people inside are in a more controlled environment.
  3. An intimate setting is better for lighting; therefore, it provides better lighting options for your photographs.
  4. It is old and popular among all ages, and everyone is familiar with it.
  • Cons:

  1. The number of people is limited to a certain number. Not suitable for a large number of people.
  2. The people standing outside miss see the fun and poses that are being inside while taking the pictures.
  3. Due to its large size and compatibility, it is not suitable for small events and spaces.

Remember that it is well suited for reserved and shy people. One should check it before placing the order. Sometimes their walls are branded with previous party decorations.

Pros and Cons of Magic Mirror:

Magic mirrors are small, attract more people, and offer an open shoot experience where everyone can see others having fun taking pictures. These are the pros and cons of magic photo mirror flite.

  • Pros:

  1. More people can take their pictures in one go, more ideal for large group photos.
  2. It adds to the beauty of your event and feels attractive to everyone.
  3. Unlike a photo booth, it is open and handles more people.
  4. Take high-resolution pictures as well and also provide the audience to see themselves before taking a picture.
  • Cons: 

  1. Setting up a magic mirror requires a skill, a person who positioned it must understand the photography techniques.
  2. Due to its open nature, it isn’t easy to control the lighting condition for a good picture.
  3. It is pricier than the other available solutions.
  4. The crowd can’t be maintained while taking a shot.

It is best suited for confident people who have a higher spending budget. Before ordering it for an event, request a sample of an edited photo from the vendor; if the image is blurry, improve the settings, or the vendor is not a competent photographer.


Photo booth and Magic Mirrors both have their pros and cons. Both are made to make your events more memorable and exciting.  The Magic Mirror Photo Booth takes you back to memory lane and gives you nostalgia.

It is more common, and everyone understands it completely. On the other hand, the magic mirror is more attractive and caters to more audiences.

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