Canon Pixma Printer Not Printing Color – An Expert Guide
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Written By Tenaui Middle East


Most countries in today’s world started initiatives to minimize the use of paper or completely reduce their dependency on the use of paper in state offices and encourage the general public to do it. However, printers and printing are still very common across the board.
Soft copies are preferred in the modern world. But at the same time, hard copies are considered more authentic and reliable in most of the world. It shows the importance of printers everywhere, from our offices to our homes. They meet all our printing needs.

Canon is a well-known printer brand. The most people use canon printers as their primary hardware to take prints. Canon printers are known for their quality and feature-rich printing. They provide an incredible printing experience. And allow us to perform other functions like copy, scanning, and printing our documents and pictures on the go.

However, the canon Pixma printer not printing color is a common issue faced by people who own a canon Pixma all-in-one printer while printing. There can be multiple reasons behind this. But it’s a problem that must be solved as quickly as possible as it halts the printing.

PThe Canon Pixma Printer is not printing properly

If your canon Pixma Printer is not printing black or colored, you will require to do your Canon Pixma Printer troubleshooting to make it work properly again. A step-by-step solution to rectify your problem, making your printer work properly is as follows:

Nozzle Check

The first thing to do if your canon Pixma printer is not printing is to start with nozzle check pattern prints. If any of the colors is missing among the patterns, then there is a high possibility that colors in those ink tanks are insufficient or the tanks are empty.

You can also ensure the number of colors in your ink tank by clearing the print heads and again printing the nozzle check pattern. If the colors are still missing after cleaning the printer’s head, it guarantees that your Canon Pixma Printer ink is insufficient to produce accurate prints.

canon pixma printer
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Possible Reasons Canon Pixma Printer Not Printing

There are multiple reasons behind your canon Pixma printer not printing correctly. When your printer display error messages, you need to check the printer thoroughly and try to find out what may be the reason behind it. For this purpose, you need to check the following list while examining your printer:

  • Check your printer drivers, ensure that the compatible drivers are installed, and install the one the manufacturer recommends in case of faulty drivers.
  • Check whether your Canon Pixma Printer Ink replacement is due by inspecting the ink cartridges and tanks to look for emptied or low ink cartridges.
  • Sometimes paper clogging is the main issue. Remove it if you find any paper clogged in the printer.
  • Check and look for errors in your canon Pixma printer setup.
  • Check your Canon Pixma printer software and ensure your printer firmware is up to date.
  • Check for any compatibility issues
  • Check your printer heads are cleaned and functioning properly; sometimes, filthy and malfunctioning print heads are the reason your Canon Pixma printer is not printing clearly.
  • Check and ensure that you are using the recommended canon Pixma printer cartridges; printers firmware doesn’t support low-price inks and cartridges.
  • Check your printer’s tray has paper in it.
  • Sometimes canon Pixma printer wifi is not working because the printer cannot communicate properly with your system, resulting in no prints.

How to Fix the canon Pixma printer not printing color

Inspect your printer first. When you encounter the problem of your printer, not printing colors, follow the above-explained checklist of all the possible reasons that can lead to this issue and then start rectifying it. Here are some solutions that help you in making your printer print again properly.

Ink Cartridges

The empty or low ink level in the cartridges is the most common reason your printer is not printing color properly. Check the ink levels, refill if needed, and make sure to refill with inks suitable or recommended by the printer manufacturer. If you need to replace the old cartridges with new ones, do it to get the best result from your canon Pixma photo printer.

  • Open the door of your printer to replace the ink cartridges or refill with the ink compatible with your printer.
  • Carefully place the cartridges into their initial position and close the door; print the sample paper to check the quality and whether your printer is printing colors now.

Install or Update your Printer Firmware and Driver

Installing the recommended software and keeping it updated is the most neglected yet essential thing. Keep your printer driver updated and reinstall it by searching for it on the official canon website. Similarly, installing the latest firmware update is required for your printer to work properly. You can check or update your printer driver and firmware by entering your printer settings.

.Check your Printer Settings

Ensure that the printing in color option is enabled in your printer settings. If, due to malfunctioning, print in color is turned off in your printer setting, your printer is unable to print. To check whether it’s turned off, you need to do the following:

  • Go to the start button on your window screen
  • Now scroll down the programs and choose settings
  • Once you open settings, go to printers and scanners.
  • Select your printer from the list and right click on your printer icon, and go to its properties
  • Now check whether the color printing option is turned off or not; if it’s off, turn it on and print the sample page to check the results


Restart your printer

Sometimes restarting your printer can solve your printer not printing color problem. The printer cache memory needs to be flushed out, and a simple restart can do this efficiently. We suggest you try this option as a last resort if everything discussed above works fine.

Final Thoughts

Canon makes one of the best printers, loaded with features. They are the first choice of many users who want the best quality prints. Canon also makes the world’s best cameras, and having a canon printer makes it easy to maintain the quality of photos in print.

Like all other hardware, printers also malfunction. The most common problem that much user face is the printer not printing color. There can be multiple reasons behind this, and you have to check all the possible scenarios that cause it by doing a thorough inspection by following the checklist explained in the article.

After inspecting, and rectifying your problem, empty or low ink cartridges, filthy printer heads, wireless connectivity issues, paper clogging, missing driver, and firmware updates are the main cause of the problem. You can solve all these problems by following the steps mentioned in the article. For more detailed analysis and know solutions to make your printer print color again, read the article and rectify your printer problems.

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