Magic Photo Mirror XL

The Magic Photo Mirror XL is a “must have” at your next party or corporate event. This Magic Photobooth is popular within the retail environments (corporate events, parties, weddings)and it comes with specially integrated features and design that is simple and easy to use.

Exclusively designed by PhotoBooths, the Magic Mirror features brand new softwares, Digital SLR Camera, LED Photography lightMitsubishi Printer and a social share feature that gives you the ability to capture all the best moments and share with your friends.

All you have to do is stand in front of the mirror and touch the screen to take full length photos. Once the photo has been captured. You can personalize your photo with paint by drawing a picture or scribbling a message on the screen. The Magic Photo Mirror also gives you the ability to customize the template for your party hence giving every party a unique style or theme using the different selection of Stamps and drawings.

The Magic Photo Mirror XL comes in a transportable case that is easy to wheel and transport to any location.


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