Magic Mirror With Hollywood Lights

This glamorous Magic mirror captures full length photos using a touch screen reflective screen. Strike a pose then customise your pictures using the on screen paint pad. Your pictures are printed in less than 10 seconds.

Choose to have one full length portrait 6×4″ print or have multiple portraits on one print. You can choose in the settings of the Magic Mirrors how you want multiple prints to be laid out. Before your event, customise your photos to include a template of your choice, a message of your choice, and add a logo to your images too. All is possible through the easy access admin menu on your Magic Photo Mirror Booth. Photos can be printed in less than 10 seconds using the enclosed Mitsubishi Dye Sub printer. Photos will pop out into the photo catcher. Select how many copies of each print you wish to receive in the admin settings.

Product Enquiry

Mirror Size: 65″;  52″

Display size: 47″; 47″

Touch screen function: yes

Frame: hollywood bulbs

Screen Type: LED




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