Noritsu means “Efficiency” in Japanese. Noritsu dry labs can print on either one side or both sides. It is suitable for both pure image production and for the production of individual value-added photo products. Noritsu Mini labs produce images in various formats from 9 x 9 cm to 25 x 30 cm and up to 25 x 61 cm, and optionally even in the panorama format 25 x 171 cm. It can even output A4 prints on sheets. Using a second paper magazine for paper rolls, it allows you to conveniently and efficiently structure your image products. Placing one mini lab on top of another and linking them allows pictures to be produced at twice the volume – up to 1,300 prints per hour in the 10 x 15 cm format. Paper sheets fed into the single-sheet feeder are used for duplex printing.