What Is Photo Booth Mirror, Working and Types
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Written By Tenaui Middle East


Magic Mirror PhotoBooth | Robot Photographer

Picture Booth mirror is a one-of-a-kind photo entertainment item! It is a full-length 6 feet tall and allows people to view themselves through the Magic Mirror Photo Booth With Hollywood Lights. It has a magic screen behind it that shows fascinating animations and instructions to the user.

Taking photographs in your favorite sorts of photo booths is a unique and enjoyable experience. They’re an excellent way to record pictures and memories from your special day. Choosing which one to use with so many types of magic mirror photo booths may be difficult.

Some can instantly print a real photo, while others can post digital images to social media accounts (such as Instagram). Still, others may use a green screen to make you feel like a movie star. However, it’s all up to you.

Well, to know more about this fascinating technological advancement, let’s start with understanding what a magic mirror photo booth is, how does it works, and lastly but most importantly, its various types.

What is Photo Booth Mirror?

A mirror photo booth consists of a mirror, screen, software, and camera. It allows you to take snap photos through the mirror and post them instantaneously on Facebook, Instagram, and SMS. Those who enjoy hosting parties must have a magic mirror photo booth.

If you plan to use your Magic Mirror in a business setting, you should consider adding a coin acceptor. The coin acceptor will operate in conjunction with the mirror software to enable you to charge clients per usage.

Consider it to be a “magic mirror.” The camera is placed behind and shoots through the two-way mirror. The Mirror Booth has a high-powered lighting system on top and prints 4×6 images customized after the photo session.

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What Are The Uses Of Photo Both Mirror

Photo booth rentals are ideal for any social gathering where people gather to celebrate or honor memorable milestones.

Here’s a brief overview of the most typical types of events where photo booths are used.

  • Weddings – At weddings, brides and grooms rent photo booths for their guests to use.
  • Parents employ photo booths to preserve memories and give keepsakes for participants during Bar/Bat Mitzvahs.
  • Anniversary Parties – Couples rent a photo booth and have their anniversary printed on the strip to commemorate their special day.
  • Company Parties & Holiday Parties — Make the holidays more joyful by renting a photo booth for your holiday party. Be sure to have correctly themed templates, backdrops, and props.
  • Corporate Events & Brand Activations — Companies employ photo booths to provide personalized photo experiences for guests of concerts, festivals, shop openings, and other large-scale events. The images are posted on social media to increase the brand’s popularity.

How Photo Booth Mirror Works

The Magic Mirror Photobooth creates a full-length image from head to toe. To accommodate as many individuals in the photo as feasible, stand as near or far away as necessary. Choose from a single full-length portrait print (64′′) or several portraits on one poster (64′′).

You may pick how numerous prints are placed out in the Magic Mirrors’ settings. Customize your photographs before your event by adding a template, a message, and a logo. All of this is available through the Magic Photo Mirror Booth’s simple admin menu. After shooting a single or several photographs, you may add a remark or sign them with your name.

Use the touch screen to sign photographs, or use the mirror booth paintbrush to apply stamps. This all-seeing, all-flashing LED Magic Eye ensures that your visitors are gazing right into the camera lens.

The white LEDs will alternate between being in the shape of an eye and being in a circle. Use our exclusive Facial Detection software to add digital props to your photographs on the screen. Emojis, masks, hats, and glasses are all available to choose from. You may even add your images to the mix.

Using the included Mitsubishi Dye Sub printer, you may print photos in less than 10 seconds. Images will appear in the photo catcher when you click on them. In the admin settings, you may choose how many copies of each print you want.

When necessary, this functionality can be activated and removed. Both the software and the animations for the Magic Mirror with Hollywood Lights are available in various languages. Currently, the Selfie Mirror program covers the following languages: English, French, Russian, Romanian, Spanish, Polish, and Arabic are among the languages spoken.

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Types of Photo Booth Mirror

There are various types some of them are discussed below:

  • Traditional Photo Booths

Traditional picture booths are the old-fashioned photo booths that you might recall seeing at shopping malls. These photo booths are entirely enclose, providing a private setting for shooting pictures. You get 4 to 5 seconds to strike a posture between pictures. The images are then printed.

  • Open-air Photo Booth

The open-air photo booth is excellent for occasions where there is not enough space. In general, open-air photo booths are ideal for weddings, engagement parties, and other business events since they can accommodate big people.

You and your companions may select from several patterns and embellishments for your shot. Once you’ve taken it, you can print it or edit and share it on our social media accounts.

  • Magic Mirror Photo Booth

Guests may snap photographs by standing in front of an interactive mirror at the Mirror photo booth. This interactive photo booth in the form of a fairy tale magic mirror will chat back to you and tell you how you’re doing with your poses.

It functions similarly to previous photobooths (using the same cameras and software processing capabilities) but with a smaller footprint.

The mirror photo booths are unique and something many people haven’t seen before. It makes them a perfect photo booth for a wedding reception where you may experiment with different clothes.

  • Green Screen Photo Booth

The most sophisticated photo booth is the green screen photo booth. While waiting for a theme park ride at Dreamworld on the Gold Coast, you must have seen some in practice.

These photo booths employ cutting-edge technology such as a green screen and sophisticated editing software to provide your guests with hundreds of print and backdrop options.

  • GIF Maker Photo Booth

Gif Maker picture booths are highly popular as a corporate photo booth for exposition events, branding activities, and adding a unique touch to your stand.

The Gif Maker Photo Booth takes 4 to 10 photographs and turns them into an animated gif that consumers may post on social media.

  • Hashtag Print Station on Instagram

These photo booths function as a print station. They are ideal for encouraging guests to promote and publish postings on a big scale through their social media accounts. Guests use their cellphones to snap photographs and then post them to their Twitter and Instagram feeds with your event’s #hashtag.


There are various types of photo booths to fit your preferences. They all come with various features like Instant Digital printing, which enables your photos to be print in literally less than 10 seconds.

They all print digital photographs, which you can frame and share. Moreover, there is also an option of a brief video clip for the guests. It can be use for the best wishes for the newlyweds, graduating seniors, which can be view after the ceremony.

Props are always supplies at no additional charge. You can always customize your photos with a different layout or add more features with picture photo booths.

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